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Society of Gynecologic Nurse Oncologists

Suggested Topics for Presentations

You talked and we listened!  Here's list of suggested topics for the 2020 Symposium:

Topics geared toward Nurse Practitioners

Financial Toxicity/Financial Navigation/Reimbursement

Anything related to pharmacology (to meet requirements for licensure renewal and certification renewal)

Integrative Modalities/Complementary and Alternative Therapies

Healing Touch

Medical Marijuana/CBD

Clinical Trials

PD-1 Ligand and its role with therapy

Compassionate Use and Phase I Studies

Oncological Emergencies

Role of Ambulatory Care in Oncology Centers

Phone Triage/Avoidance of the Emergency Department

Assisted Suicide in the Terminally Ill Patient

Family and Caregiver Burden/Quality of Life/Compassion Fatigue. 

Self-Care for the Bedside Nurse

Complementary & Alternative Medicine. 

Vulvar Cancer-- How to Feel More Confident with Diagnosing Vulvar Cancer and Educating the Patient about Self-Assessment

What Does Collaborative Teamwork Look Like at YOUR Facility?

Pain Management in the Patient with a Substance Abuse Disorder/History of Addiction

Typical Day as a Patient from the Inpatient and Outpatient Perspective

Surgical Management from the Preoperative, Intraoperative, and Postoperative Perspectives

Surgical Complications:  Bowel Obstructions, Postoperative Ileus, Infection, Wounds, Acute Kidney Injury.

Inpatient Postoperative Care/Surgical Case Management

Weight Loss for the Obese GYN-ONC Patient

Rare Tumors

Low Residue Diet

GYN-ONC Nurse Competencies

GYN-ONC Diseases Other than Ovarian Cancer:  Endometrial, Cervical, Vulvar, Vaginal, and Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasms.

Leiomyosarcoma of the Uterus


Breast Cancer

Retention of Nurses

Work-Life Balance

Molar Pregnancy, Choriocarcinoma, Gestational Trophoblastic Disease and the Chemotherapy Challenges Therein

Different Types of Treatment for Vulvar Cancer

Tumor Testing

Identification of All Resources for GYN-ONC Survivors throughout the USA

Bowel Regimens

New Advances in Detection in Cancer Screening and Vaccines

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS):  Implementation, Data Across the Nation, and Different Areas that Can Serve as a Reference

Ostomies and Wounds

Patient Satisfaction/The Patient Experience-- Wins/Opportunities

Nursing Perspective on Radiation Oncology Modalities/Treatments

Pathology of Each Type of GYN Cancer

Clinic Work Follow-Up

Role Play through Tough Situations GYN-ONC Nurses Face

Chemo Education (What Is in the IV and How Does It Help the Patient?)

Roundtable for Nurses New to GYN-ONC (How to Help Them)

Collaborative Practice Stories

Foundation Medicine