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Society of Gynecologic Nurse Oncologists


The SGNO Quilt

Gynecologic oncology nurses created, in honor of their patients, the gynecologic oncology awareness quilt. For all that our patients have done for us, we wanted to make this quilt in their honor. Each block represents a patient or group of patients who had a special impact on the nurse's life. There is a heartwarming story behind each block.

One block is a moose looking at its reflection in the water. This is to represent how our patients cause us to reflect upon our lives. As our patients deal with the diagnosis of cancer, the treatment side effects and uncertainty of life, they continue to live their lives - some more effectively and fuller than others. Thus causing us to reflect upon our own lives and how effectively we are using our days.

This quilt is on display at every SGNO symposium.  

We hope that you will enjoy the quilt as much as we have enjoyed creating it.