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Society of Gynecologic Nurse Oncologists


Dear SGNO members:

I hope this message finds you all safe and healthy. I wish to touch base with the membership and give you a feel of where we are.  

The pandemic has changed our world.  I feel there is no going back to our pre-COVID life, nervous system, way of doing business etc. We are all in some form of restructuring our lives after a devastating and life altering pandemic. In order for SGNO to remain relevant, we must be nimble and thoughtfully respond to our membership needs and state of the state.

The SGNO Board of Directors recognizes that our current way of doing business is not sustainable.  We are currently fleshing out ways in which we can come up with the times so to speak and remain relevant yet not burn out a chosen few as was the case surrounding our beloved annual symposiums.

We do not have any formal updates aside from informing membership that we are considering hosting a one-day virtual symposium.  The thought was to use some of the incredible curriculum/speakers from the Nashville symposium that never was. Please stay tuned as there are several details to flesh out. If folks feel passionate about something such as this, please email me with your ideas and abilities to help out.

It is my hope that you all each get to breathe, relax, and recharge.  Each of you are critical to the lives of our patients and each of you deserve to be whole and healed. So, whatever your moment of Zen looks like, please embrace it. You are all worthy of feeling healthy and vibrant.

SGNO remains so very dear to each of us.  We appreciate your continued patience as we navigate this new world.



Cyndi O'Brien RN, BSN, OCN

SGNO President